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Burroughs, Cuney, and DuBois - Three Families Intertwined – Part 1

Black, White and Red
                                                When I was a preteen and early teenager, it was a standing joke among our family and fellow leftist friends that our phone was tapped by the CIA.  My best friend Judy was actually the daughter of a prominent American Communist who was in prison.  It was a joke to us because all that the faceless eavesdroppers would have overheard would have been teenage prattling or deliberately provocative nonsense.  This was the period before the Vietnam War protests when the Cold War was still in full swing and hatred and fear of “Reds” was all around us. We knew, implicitly, that this knee-jerk horror of Communism was unfounded, because after all, these were our families.             When I finally set out to discover more about the earlier lives of my parents and their forebears, I really had no idea what I was getting into.  The idea came to me after I attended the reunion of my 1967 graduating class at the High School of Music &…

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